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the winner of the first #PepiTangoSelfie contest november

Do you remember Sissi, the winner of the first #PepiTangoSelfie contest, held last November?

She has just received her fantastic custom-made PepiTango dress!

Sissi the dancer (aka Silvana Mannella), won our first contest with her selfie, wearing a gorgeous powder pink Chique skirt.

As a reward, she chose a custom made Mirada skirt: a sexy skirt with slits on both sides and a small tail at the back to create more movement.

Sissi asked us to personalize it by shortening the length, curling the top back part and using a very special fabric in shiny bronze colour.

To complete her outfit and make it even more unique, she purchased a Cruzada top, custom made with the same fabric: a top that falls softly on the neckline and features crossed laces at the back.
We can’t wait to see her dancing with her new beautiful PepiTango outfit!

Join the #PepiTangoSelfie contest for a chance to win a custom made skirt, top or trousers!
March entries are closed, but you can still vote for the winner and submit your selfie to participate at next month’s edition! More info at

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