Terms and Conditions

Payment Methods

The payment for the products purchased can be made by bank wire or Paypal  on delivery according to the following regulations:


Bank Wire

The user can make the payment by bank wire with beneficiary PEPITANGO. The bank information will be provided during the purchasing procedure.

The merchandise will be shipped to the Client when the receipt of the wire has been sent or when the Client sends the CRO number via our email address info@pepitango.com. Following there will be a communication from PEPITANGO with the description of the refund procedures that could also be done with discount coupons on a future purchase that is above the value of the merchandise to be refunded, with no liability of PEPITANGO, for whatever reason and of whatever nature.




A company part of the eBay group is a system of payment quick and secure. Once the payment with PayPal is completed, the buyer will be redirected to the PayPal site where he/she will be able to access their personal account by providing their personal email address and password. After registering, it will be possible to proceed to the payments through PayPal without having to re-enter the data, also for future purchases.

When choosing to pay with PayPal, the amount is charged directly on the credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard) or prepaid card (PostePay) assigned. PayPal protects all the information of the buyer because there is no exchange or transmission of financial information.

For every transaction made with this method a confirmation email by PayPal will be sent.

It must be noted here that the amount of the order is charged on the PayPal account at the time of giving the order to the courier. When the order is placed on the Website there will simply be a request of authorization to verify the availability on the Client’s PayPal account, with no actual charge.

In case of cancellation the amount is refunded on the PayPal account of the Client.



Contract terms and conditions


The General Conditions of Sale hereby concern the discipline of the purchase of Products, done by distance selling, through the telematic web, from the site http://www.pepitango.com Section “shop online”.

The owner of the website is PEPI DI CRISTINA BALESTRERI with its legal address at Piazza Massimo d’Azeglio, 11 – 50121- Firenze, registered in the “Registro delle Imprese Artigiane di Firenze” 158842; REA 518842, Partita IVA IT05098770489 – C.F. BLSCST63C54D612N.


Acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale

All the purchases of products made through the Website by the users who access it, are regulated by the General Conditions of Sale hereby and by the Consumer Code (D.lgs. nr. 206/2005), Section II Distance Contracts (artt. 50 – 67) and by the regulations concerning the electronic commerce (e-commerce) (D.lgs. 70/2003).


Upon the completion of the Contracts of Purchase, according to procedure, the Client accepts and is obliged to observe the following General Conditions.

The Client, therefore, is invited to carefully read, before making any purchase, the General Conditions hereby and, once the purchasing procedure provided by the Website is completed, to print them or otherwise keep them, according to their preferred method. PEPITANGO can modify, at any moment and without notice, the content of the General Conditions and to the Purchase Contracts will be applied the General Conditions published on the Website at the moment of the shipping of the order made by the Client.



http://www.pepitango.com is an e-commerce that sells apparels with the brand name PEPI. All the products offered are described in detail in the home page of the Website, within the respective sections, divided by Product category.

The visual representation of the Products on the Website, where available, usually corresponds to the photographic image of the actual Products and it has the only purpose of presenting them for the sale, without any guarantee or commitment, on the part of PEPITANGO, about the exact correspondence of the image reproduced on the Website with the real Product, and that with specific reference to its real dimensions and/or to the chromatic aspects of the Products. In case of a difference between the image and the written description of the product, the description in the product data sheet always stands.


Purchasing procedure. 

The Client can purchase the Products present in the PEPITANGO electronic catalogue, described in detail in the home page dedicated to online shopping of the Website http://www.pepitango.com inside the respective product category sections, as described in the corresponding product information sheets contained in the Website, respecting the technical procedures of access hereby described.

The order sent by the Client serves as a contractual proposal and implies the complete knowledge and integral agreement of the General Conditions hereby. The correct receipt of the order is confirmed via a reply by e-mail sent to the email address provided by the Client. Such confirmation message will indicate the “date” and “time” of the order, an “Order Number” and a “Client Code” to be used in every further communication with PEPITANGO.

Possible increases of expenses caused by errors in the data that are not promptly communicated, will be at the exclusive charge of the Client. Each order can be viewed by the Client on the Website, in their personal area, immediately after the order has been placed and will be possible to cancel it until 7:00PM of the day in which the order has been placed. The confirmation of the order is given to the Client when the Products are given to the shipping company in charge of the shipment with the appropriate issue of the invoice.

Each purchase contract made between PEPITANGO and the Client must be understood as concluded with the acceptance of the order by PEPITANGO who has the right to accept or not, upon its sole discretion, the order sent by the Client, without the latter being able to make any demands or claim any rights, of whatever nature, even as a refund, in case of failing to accept the order itself.

In particular, PEPITANGO reserves the right not to accept purchase proposals and to cancel orders that do not give enough guarantee of solvency or whenever – also as a consequence of a communication with the circuit that manages the payments by credit card – anomalies in the transactions and methods of payment used by the Client arise.


Prices of the products.

All the prices of the Products are clearly indicated on the Website. The shipping costs are adequately highlighted at the time of the order. The cost of each shipment, whose total amount might vary based to the type of shipment and payment, as well as by the destination and the total amount of the order.


Procedures and cost of delivery. 

PEPITANGO delivers/ships in Italy and in the countries of the European Union and in the countries listed in the shipping section.  The lead times of shipping the order are of 10/15 days because the garments are put in production only after receiving the order. No liability can be attributed to PEPITANGO in the case of a delayed delivery of the order caused by the shipping company.

For the shipping of the merchandise PEPITANGO will use the express courier GLS or other courier chosen by PEPITANGO.

PEPITANGO issues an invoice or other equivalent fiscal document of the purchased products, at the time when the Products are given to the courier for shipping. In order to issue the invoice the information provided by the Client will be deemed authentic. No change of the data will be possible after the invoice itself has been issued.

No liability, of whatever nature, might be charged by the Client to PEPITANGO in case of a delay in filling the order or in the delivery of the Products object of the Contracts of Purchase.

The Products ordered will be shipped to the mailing address provided by the Client. The deliveries will be done from Monday to Friday, during regular business hours, with the exception of Italian national holidays. The delivery is considered concluded when the Product is put at the disposal of the Client at the address provided in the order form. In case of missed delivery because of the absence of the recipient at the specified address the courier will attempt the second delivery the following day.




Domestic shipping (Italy). Delivery will be made within 24/48 hours from the day the merchandise has been picked up by the courier. For each shipment two delivery attempts free of charge are provided. If in both cases the recipient is not present, the shipment will be returned to sender. The cost of shipping in Italy is €14,00 and the delivery times can vary to up to 15 working days.


Shipping within the European Union. The delivery times are on average within 6/15 business days, depending on the destination. The cost of shipping in Europe and Switzerland is €23,00 nd EU ilands E.26,00 The delivery lead times for shipping in the EU and Switzerland may vary due to the great differences among the various countries.


Shipping to extra-European countries: for costs and delivery times please contact us by email at info@pepitango.com.


When the merchandise is delivered by the courier the Client must check:

– that the number of packages being delivered correspond to what specified in the shipping documents;

– that the packaging is intact, not damaged, neither wet or otherwise altered, also in the sealing materials (adhesive tape or metallic staples).

Possible damages to the packaging and/or to the product or the failed correspondence of the number of packages or the indications, must be immediately challenged, by indicating a “written reservation of control” on the delivery document of the courier. Once the document of the courier has been signed, the Client will not be able to oppose any claim on the exterior characteristics of what has been delivered. Possible problems concerning the physical integrity, the correspondence or the completeness of the products received must be reported within 7 days of the delivery, according to the procedures indicated hereby.