PepiTango Selfie Rules and Regulations

PepiTangoSelfie Rules

Here at Pepitango we believe that each tanguera has her own unique style. Therefore we wish to offer you a unique garment that will represent you inviting you to participate in our new summer contest.

The game is open to everyone, professional dancer and non-professional dancers.

The title of the selfie is: “What is YOUR style?”

(Romantic, Modern or Classic)

Participating is simple

– Are your already a Pepitango customer?

Take a SELFIE wearing your PEPITANGO that best represents you and send it to us


Each month (2) the client with the photo that will receive the most likes will win a Pepitango garment (a top or a skirt or a pair of trousers) that can be customized (1) (5) for free. (6)

– You are not yet a Pepitango customer?

If you do not have a PEPITANGO garment yet, take a selfie that represents your style and send us your


Each month (2) while the game is running, if you obtain the most likes, you will receive a 50% discount on the purchase of any Pepitango garment (5) and a free personalized modification (6).

Please note the following:

(1) – Customization/Personalization: it means that we can make your garment to measure and personalized, modifying the color, the length, the sleeves (when possible, with or without), the splits (more or less deep), necklines of your choice.

(2) – Only during the month of August you can also tag a photo that was taken in the past. Starting in September 2017 we will only take into consideration photos published during the month they were taken.

(3) – We will publish all the photos we receive without making any modification to them, except to their format.

(4) – The game will start only with a minimum of 15 participants (association photo-user registered at

(5) – Your garment can be personalized at these locations: Atelier Pepitango in Florence, Shop PAOUL in Padova, Milano (when the temporary-shops are open) via video-consulting (Skype, WhatsApp, video-call), or via internet if you do not live in one of these cities.  (the cost of shipping of the garment is at your expense). Valid also for all the clients in Europe and worldwide, please ask for a quote of the shipping costs.

(6) – It is possible to customize several parts of the garment, but you can only have one free consultation per person during the game.

(7) – The order MUST be made before the end of the month following your victory.

The delivery of the garment chosen, a top or a skirt or a pair of trousers will be made in the month following the order. That means that if you get the most likes in the month of August, you need to place your order by the end of September and the garment will be delivered by the end of October.

(8) – The game starts on August 1st, 2017.  On September 2nd the selfies will be published on the Pepitango_Official profile on Instagram. The count will be public on Instagram based on the Hearts/Likes. The winner will have her position published on the official Pepitango page on Facebook at the beginning of October.

For information or questions on the game please write to us at: or send us a message on WhatsApp to number +39 347.1360337 (Italy).