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High Quality Handicraft

“Without the elegance of the heart,
there is no real elegance!”


Fashion designer Cristina Balestreri, with her Pepi Tango brand, started in 2002, has been the original creator of a tango fashion made in Italy.  Cristina is a trained musician, a passionate tango dancer and a talented fashion designer: before her, nobody had designed and produced a line entirely devoted to this dance, a line created for the European women with an Italian taste.

What is style?

According to Cristina is “…the internalization of everything that, through learning, culture and sensitivity has become our own and that appears on the outside, in the way we dress and in the way we behave. I would define style as a personal way to represent our identity. Once we have found our own personal style, our way of dressing, keeping it for our entire life will be the indication that we have found our “being.” “

What is elegance?

“Elegance, on the other hand, starts with the taste that we build during our life and with our experiences. Elegant can be a person who was born and grew up in the savanna, a good example of which are the colors, the fabrics and the way African women dress, as could be elegant the person born and raised in a beautiful city. Many different elements create elegance in the spirit of a person:

  • Art and nature, if carefully observed with the human eye and soul,  form a natural beauty and an inclination for elegance;
  • The interior education, not just the cultural education, “refines” the taste;
  • Curiosity, a good eye and know how to observe, like an artist does when looking at something he wants to reproduce, develop one’s own sense of elegance. Someone who cannot observe, cannot create elegance for oneself or for others;
  • Creativity, that is a bit like a synthesis of everything I have expressed above. Creativity is not only innate, but it can be more or less “cultivated” and developed by the way of life that we have since childhood.

Since 2002, the Pepitango collections have been recognized as innovative both for their models, practical and elegant, and for the materials used, sophisticated and cared for to their finest detail. Each model can be tailor-made using Pepitango’s Personal Consulting service.

You can write to Pepi Tango and they will suggest the most appropriate dress for the style of tango you dance and according to your physical characteristics, in order to highlight your femininity. If your passion is music and the emotional expressions that tango brings to your life, Pepitango, thanks to its experience, will combine the traditions of Argentine tango with fashion and the Florentine good taste to create the perfect garment for you! 

What is the  mission of  PepiTango?

Make each dancer unique with her outfit. 

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