15 years of PepiTango: events, special opening dates, and many exciting news!

PepiTango is not a virtual reality in the field of argentine tango clothes: our long experience in tango fashion comes from listening closely and honestly to those women who have chosen passion as a lifestyle, as an antidote to a world incapable of letting itself go in the dance and not attentive to the quality […]

Elena Rocco is the winner of #PepitangoSelfie March

Elena Rocco is the winner of our contest #PepitangoSelfie March edition! Here she is, wearing a unique top&skirt set, fully customized for our gorgeous dancer. Elena has just won another Pepitango dress customization, totally free of charge! Stay tuned to find out how she will customize her next Pepitango dress… Customization in progress… … … […]

the winner of the first #PepiTangoSelfie contest november

Do you remember Sissi, the winner of the first #PepiTangoSelfie contest, held last November? She has just received her fantastic custom-made PepiTango dress! Sissi the dancer (aka Silvana Mannella), won our first contest with her selfie, wearing a gorgeous powder pink Chique skirt. As a reward, she chose a custom made Mirada skirt: a sexy […]

Let’s meet Cristina Balestreri

Cristina Balestreri is PepiTango’s founder and fashion designer. Classically trained musician, fashion designer and tango dancer, already in 2001 Cristina created the PepiStudio brand, devoted to the Florentine hand-embroidery. Later on she developed the exclusive PepiTango brand with the goal of distributing the first Italian collection of female fashion entirely devoted to Argentine tango.